Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prabudeva weds Nayanthara ?

Eversince Prabudeva and Nayanthara worked together in Vijay’s Villu the Kollywood grapevine backs that both are the hottest couple in town. Sources close to actress have denied the marriage news that was flashed in a Telugu channel. The Director is a married man with three children and had a saddest time in his life when he lost his eldest son. Actually it was Nayan who gave him strength to come out of his personal grief. The rumors about the affair have proved right when the actress tattooed “Prabu (P in English and rest in Tamil) a little above her wrist at a newly opened tattoo lounge in Hyderabad. Nayan also pierced her nose as Prabu likes it. Prabudeva also helped her in dance movements as he personally coached her that made her to improve leaps and bounds in the Vaada Mapillai-song in Villu. Recently, the Director created a fuss when he proceeded to Kumarakom at his expense and without demanding any fee choreographed couple of songs that were picturised on Nayanthara for a Malayalam film. Nowadays Nayan is also reluctant to parities that attribute her closeness to Prabhudeva. Sources close to actress feel they may be in love but marriage may not be in the near future as both are very busy with their schedule and concerned about their career.

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Babu said...

Its a shit..a father of (3-1) getting married to a whore..what a fabulous news indeed!