Saturday, September 5, 2009

Golden Rush

In the olden days the Romans used to pay the soldiers by giving Gold Coins and these gold coins are used in business by way of weighing and forming the roughly cut pieces to a desired shape. The Spain also manufactured Gold Crowns that were imported by Britain.

To buy gold, one of the precious metals that have akin values either to elderly people or people who lead life with plans. If you want to buy gold coin there is couple of certified Gold coins like Liberty Quarter Eagle and Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. This Liberty Quarter Eagle coin was designed way back in 1840 and design was kept up to 33 years in the American history. The next so talked coin Saint Gaudens eagle is a modified form of the originator Gobrecht Stamped on this coin.(Liberty Eagle). On one side of the coin showing Miss Liberty with a crown by name Liberty and the thirteen stars around her on the reverse of the coin an eagle with an olive branch and a shield printed on the chest and The United States of America around it.

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle coin is considered by one of the most precious and grand coins ever produced. President Theodor Roosevelt chose America’s great sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens to articulate and asked him to make this prestigious coin. Later this coin called as Double Eagle usually found a place on the investor’s documents for secrecy and record purposes. For investors who are wanting to have buy gold coins has to pay $ 900 to $ 1500.

There is variety of Gold Bullion Coins like American Buffalo which is the US ever 24 Karat Solid bullion coin produced. If you want to buy bullion coins you have many varieties.

Australia Gold Nugget manufactured by Perth Mint. Every year they are changing the design. Like these there are many such gold bullion coins available in the market for the customers. Customers who are willing to invest their huge money can buy gold bullion coins instead of depositing cash in banks as gold has got appreciation value always.

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