Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips for losing weight

Hi friends if you plan to lose weight, first weigh yourself in a particular weighing machine and start your diet programme. Keep a note of your body measurements, as this will also give you a idea bout spot reductions,and how effective they have been. If the measurements do not show much difference, increase your exercises slightly and make sure each exercise is taken in the proper manner. Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach.

For general calculation, memorize a few caloric values so that you can keep a count of what has already been consumed and what is left for the day. You should keep track of the details every day. Here are a few items to remember.

Milk (one glass) 100 calories
One egg 80 calories
One slice bread 50 calories
One teaspoon sugar 20 calories
One chapati 25 calories
Vegetable (one helping 50 gms)80 calories
Fruit (except mango,bananas) 80 calories

While dieting, take mixed vegetables and fruits. Avoid bananas, grapes, mangoes, potatoes and nuts. Consult your doctor about the type of multivitamin tonic you should take, as this is to make sure there is no deficiency in the intake of vital vitamins while dieting.

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