Friday, September 18, 2009

Vishwakarma Pooja - Story about Vishwakarma

Hindus all over the World Celebrate “Vishwakarma Pooja “ every year on September 16th or 17th. Lord Vishwakarma is god for arts and he is the son of God Brahma. All construction workers celebrate this day with enthusiasm.

There are many stories about the architecture ability of Vishwakarma. He built many wonders such as Golden Lanka, Hasthinapuram, Dwaraka , etc. Here I will explain the story behind Golden Lanka. After the marriage of Lord Paramasivan with Parvathy, Vishwakarma built a superb palace made by pure gold for them. The demon Ravana was invited to do the rituals for Grahapravesam. After the ceremony Siva told Ravana that he can ask anything as Dakshina. Impressed by the beauty of the Palace Ravanan asked the palace of Gold as Dakshina. Shivaan granted Ravanan’s wish thus the Golden Lanka came to the hands of Ravana.

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Pooja Gajjar said...

Let me tell you that Vishwakarma Puja is not celebrated on 17th Sept every year. Actually Vishwakarma puja is not done in September ever.

It is celebrated by Gujarati Calendar on MAHA SUDH 13 1 day before FUll PURNIMA Occurs .And this MAHA SUDH 13 comes in the end of January or first week of February.