Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tips to lose weight

If you plan to lose weight, you will have to be careful about many things. Ignorance in dieting can be very injurious to health, and permanently handicap a person. It can affect your health in general. Out of sheer disgust you can be tempted to go in for a course of sever crash dieting; but it never pays in the long run. as the loss of weight will be temporary, and show more on the face than on the body which was not the aim in the first place.

The most sensible way to diet is to first study what you require by way of nourishment to keep your body health. Select our food according to vitamins, proteins, minerals and starches. Make sure you eat at least one food item of each to see that there is no deficiency of any form. Eating less of everything is not harmful, but eliminating the essentials from your diet is ad. Dieting is a difficult process, for you have to be more careful about the quality of food you eat. Despite dieting your body should be able to perform it normal, healthy functions. So start by cutting down ( and please note that I am not suggesting cutting out) on sweets, starches, nuts, sweet drinks, coffee, tea, cake, pastries, potatoes, rice and fried items in between meals. So once you have formed this habit, you will stabilize your weight. Now introduce some exercises to your daily routine, but do this very gradually, increasing them to about 15 minutes a day. Follow the exercises without fail. You must weigh yourself before starting on a diet so that you are encouraged by the results from time to time.

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