Thursday, September 24, 2009

Future Generation Cars - Plastic Cars

Automobiles have changed drastically from their early establishment in 1970’s.All the automobiles and especially cars where made out of steel entirely. The focus of this post is about the replacement of traditional metal parts with plastic parts and the advantages of doing so. Engineers knew lighter weight cars can do wonders with performance and speed. The most important aspect is to provide safety when using Plastic Auto Parts. Plastic tanks are considered to be safe during crash since they are seamless and also plastic has the ability to retain its original shape. The versatility of plastic has revolutionized the design of car totally. Engineers are making valid attempt to use plastic parts in cars, mainly to improve fuel efficiency.

The American Chemistry Council for Plastics has designed “Cars for Tomorrow” which are created mainly with plastic components and this idea if implemented successfully will create a new revolution in the car industry. There is a video about Plastic Cars and the revolution that they might make in the near future. So I would suggest you all to have a look at that to know more about the future generation plastic cars. Moreover there are a lot of advantages by using plastic parts when compared to steel parts. I am listing here some of the most important advantages like increase in fuel efficiency with no compromise in safety. The most important is reliability of vehicle’s lifetime increases since plastics are durable.

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