Tuesday, September 15, 2009

World's most expensive Hotel - Emirate Palace at Abu Dhabi

World’s most expensive Hotel is Emirate Palace at Abu Dhabi. In 2005, this palace was opened. It was constructed at a cost of 3 billion dollars. This Emirate Palace is a landmark in Abu Dhabi and you will feel like an emperor in the hotel. You can see more than 1000 chandeliers and it was built using gold, silver and marble. This palace is situated in a private beach situated in 1.3 k.m and bounded by marvellously landscaped ground. In this palace more than 300 rooms and 92 suits are available for guests. Conference Halls are also available in this Hotel.

The stay in the Hotel will you give a cherished experience and you cannot forget the stay as it gives you a comfortable, luxury and royal experience.

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