Monday, September 28, 2009

Prabhudeva wife Ramlath : I will slap Nayanthara

Prabhudeva wife Ramlath is very furious about the relationship between Nayanthara and her husband Prabhudeva.Ramlath said that she is very un certain about her future life and she is very much worried about Nayanthara since she is the main reason for all the problems.She spoke to a Tamil newspaper and she emotionally broke down when she told that she still loves her husband and she needs her husband badly and so does her children.

Ramlath also revelaed that she spoke to Nayanthara and asked her to end the relationship with her husband Prabhu Deva. Ramlath was so furious she said that the next time she sees Nayan in person she will slap her straight away on her face such was the agony that Ramlath is facing in her life.She had asked all the biggies of the industry to help her to sought and family problem so that she can get back her husband.

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