Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hollywood of India, Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country is often referred to as Hollywood of India or to put it in lighter vein, "Bollywood". Each of the South Indian States has often produced films far more in number than Mumbai and Maharashtra, Bengal has the reputation of producing films that excel in quality and cinematic art. Irrespective of these facts, however, charm and glitter of Mumbai Film Industry remains unmatched At times Mumbai film world,in terms of its mass appeal and popularity even surpasses Hollywood as, as everybody knows India is the largest film producing country in the World. In terms of production values best of Mumbai films could be compared with the best produced anywhere in the World.

Mumbai is the birth place of Indian Cinema. Film history began in India on July 7th, 1896, when a Time of India advertisement invited Mumbai residents to witnes the marvel of the century, "the wonder of the world" at Watsons Hotel that same day. The attration was described as "Living photographic pictures in the life sized reproduction", by Messrs Lumiee Brothers. The hows in Watson's hotel proved to be so popular that soon additional showings were arranged. This is beginning of Indian Cinema.

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