Monday, February 23, 2009

Potablity of Mobile Numbers

Mobile customers can change numbers when they opt for a different operator as the Center plans to introduce mobile portability by the month of August this year.This is information was told by Union Minister for IT and Communication A Raja in the press conference.He said that the services would be launched in major cities by August of this year.

This means that customers can change there service from once service provider to another without having the need to change there mobile numbers.This is a very good for all the customers since it provides great flexibility.
Cheers to this idea!!!


chitra said...

Many subscribers don't want to change their operators because they are not ready to give up their this is a very very useful scheme for those people....heard that this scheme will be implemented within a year...lets see...

sajin said...

hey this is awesome news....yipeeee...nw i can hope around with new no need tto worry abt the increasing no of waiting 4 this to happen