Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rafael Nadal wins the Australian open title

The finals of the Austaralian open was no different tahn a normal Nadal Fedx clash.It was a classical one and a five setter.Nadal won the first set breaking fedx serve thrice..Then in the second set Fedx won th game with ease to make it one each.Then Nadal took the third set in the tie-breaker.As usual Mr.Cool Bounced back on the 4th set to make it 2 all.But Nadal proved is supremacy in the fifth set with sum power packed forehand and backhand to take the set and the game.

Rafael Nadal (1)
7 3 7 3 6
Roger Federer (2)
5 6 6 6 2

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Mohamed said...

I really felt sorry for Federer. He is indeed the greatest player of all times. Looks like his era is coming to an end. I just wish he passes the 14 grandslam mark within the end of this year.

According to me, the reason for Federer's loss was his poor 1st serve. Proper 1st serve is his biggest advantage over all other players around the world. It was almost impossible to break a Federer serve. Almost 75% of his 1st serve was a fault in yesterday's match.

Moreover, with an opponent like Nadal, it is almost impossible to win a point if you are involved in a rally. That fella is too good with his stamina. He never never gives up even a single point. He runs upto any corner even if he can't reach the ball. Guess what? He almost reaches all of them.

If Federer needs to beat Nadal, he needs to hold on to his 2006/07 service game. I still feel that Federer was the greatest player of all and Nadal is undoubtedly the best at the moment.