Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IPL 2 in South Africa

IPL season 2 will be held in South Africa...The race for the venue of the 2nd IPL was between England and South Africa.South Africa has been selected to host IPL 2 .The reason is certain conditions favor South Africa when compared to England.

First reason could be the weather condition in South Africa.Cost is also relatively low when compared to England.England was preferred over SA at the start because T20 World Cup is going to take place there.So it would have been nice to have the matches there.Lalit Modi confirmed that IPL matches will be played in six venues in South Africa.So it seems that the total 59 matches for this season will be played in a foreign venue which is SA.So cricket lovers can enjoy the big names International Cricket clashing with each other

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sharath said...

Even though it is outside India i hope it will be a huge success