Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips to avoid Stress

Stress is a very common word among the software professionals.They get stress in each and everything that they do.There life is very hectic,though they earn more they are not happy and are under constant pressure.Here are tips to avoid stress


1) Follow your schedule

The main reason for stress is when people are not able to finish a work within the deadline.To avoid this it is better to follow a schedule.

2) Avoid smoking and drinking

When people avoid smoking and drinking the stress factor in them gets reduced.So avoid smoking and drinking and gradually stop both.

3) Meditate

Stress can be avoided by meditating.It not only avoids stress but also improves the concentration power immensely.

4) Listen to soft music

Music is the best way to relax when a person is tired or stressed.Photography is another option which I would suggest.

5) To maintain good health and take things lightly

As the proverb suggest "Prevention is better than cure " it is better to maintain our health so that we can be fit and take both Happy and sad things with the same attitude

These are purely my suggestion and it may vary from one person to another.I have tried these and it worked well for me


Kurniadi Bulhani said...

nice posting,,,that true bro,thank for tips resolve the strees

Balaji said...

thanks a lot for your valuable comment

Able said...

when get stress, I usually listen rock music...I can scream and release my pain....after scream following song lyrics I feel fine and my stress cooling down...(soory my english not really good) ^^

Balaji said...

Your english is fine and thanks for the comment

Marianus said...

nice blog thanks for the info...