Sunday, May 31, 2009

SRK : YashRaj films confirms that SRK not in Dhoom 3

Bollywood Ka Badshah " Shahrukh khan" is not acting in Dhoom 3. Earlier there was a buzz that SRK has been roped in for the third part but SRK has cleared the air saying that he is not doing Dhoom 3,and all the news about Dhoom 3 is just a rumour. The actor who is down because of shoulder injury will not be able to do any movies involving great stunt sequences.

SRK might have to sit out for a month or so because is shoulder injury is little serious.The news that SRK is not in Dhoom 3 has made is fans a little disappointed.The rumour mills is finally over with both SRK and YashRaj films producers confirming that SRK is not acting in the film.

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