Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wedding bells : Tennis star Sania Mirza getting married

Tennis star and sensation Sania Mirza getting engaged to a 23 year old guy Sohrab Mirza, who happens to be a family friend.He is a graduate and it is said that he is going to U.K very soon to pursue a MBA degree.Sania Mirza was not available in the city to make a comment.Right now Sania Mirza is in Paris playing French Open.

Sania Mirza's dad was available to comment that they both know each other for some years now and Sohrab Mirza happens to be their family friend and also revealed that the two families have been friends for several decades.

Will this Stop the sizzling Sania Mirza from Tennis.the answer from Sania Mirza,s father is a stubborn now.He told that Sania Mirza will continue to play tennis even after her marriage.Another information is that the engagement is fixed right now and the marriage date is not fixed and according to the sources it is believed that the marriage will happen after few years.

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