Monday, June 1, 2009

My weekend experience watching Direct TV

After some hard work in the office I was planning for a great weekend. My friends and I had plans to go for a sight seeing. This was our plan but rain spoiled our trip and I was very upset that we could not execute what we had planned. We had no other go but to spend the weekend indoor. I initially thought this was going to be a very boring and dull weekend. It turned out to be one of the best weekends and I and my friends had some great time. Initially we did not know what to do and so we had a big debate how to spend the weekend and finally came to a conclusion that we are going to watch TV the whole weekend. It looked absurd for me and I thought how a Satellite Directv could be a cynosure for the whole weekend.

I was totally wrong since Direct TV proved to be a savior. I had a pre-conclusion that these programs would be dumb, but my preconceived notion proved to be wrong. All the programs were so interesting and we people had a great time.

The biggest turn around is that I actually was thinking of switching to
Direct TV Satellite and after this great experience I have taken steps and very soon I would have one at home.

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