Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Health Care avoid dark circles around eyes

Beauty and skin care is, and has been, the subject of some very basic misconceptions. It is in order, therefore, to deal with some of these and clear certain doubts and apprehensions before dealing with the specific aids and techniques of beauty and skin care, which is the major purpose of this volume. Let us start with that old aphorism: “beauty is skin deep”. Beauty is not and can never be merely skin deep, for no amount of cosmetics or make-up can hide. Dark circles around eyes affect your beauty. Proper rest and good diet gives you fresh look. Another idea is cool your eyes by dipping cotton-wool in cold water sprinkling a bit of which-hazel on it and veering your eyes with the small pads for ten minutes. If possible, put your toes higher than your head by resting them on a few pillows. Finally what I was trying to insist is when you have dark eye circle around your eyes it can reduce the glam of your look. So to avoid this you need to do is have 6 to 7 hours a sleep each day and wash you eyes with cold water. This helps you a lot to be fresh.

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