Thursday, July 2, 2009

OK Magazine Michael Jackson Cover Picture

Ok Magazine Michael Jackson cover picture

OK Magazine has paid $500000 to get the single picture of Michael Jackson carried in a stretcher after his death.OK Magazine has been criticized for such a cheap act and Michael Jackson's fans are fuming and are extremely unhappy with what OK Magazine has done.

OK! Magazine on the other hand feels that it is a tribute the King of Pop and thy did not do this to hurt the sentiments of anyone in this world and especially Michael Jackson die hard fans.

MJ fans are extremely violent and this is creating some problem and the OK Magazine I guess finally need to apologize for what they have done to set right the issue.

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arun said...

As a big fan of MJ i hate what the OK Magazine has done.This is really a shame in the part of them.There are so many other ways to make the magazine popular.Yes you are right the magazine has hit a low by this activity