Friday, July 10, 2009

President Obama looking at a girl | Mayara Tavares

President Obama and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy are caught in this photo looking at a girl.President Obama is checking out the features of that girl who is in her sweet sixteen.The picture of President Obama looking at the 16 year old Mayara Tavares has already become very famous in the Internet and this picture is making big rounds.

Some people say that this is a fake picture and it has been edited using Adobe Photo shop.Hmmm fine,for all these people here is the video to show what exactly happened and this avoids any further speculations.Here is the video proof which shows what exactly happened.Cop paste this URL and take a look at this!!!

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Harish Syndrome said...

See the guy next to him.
The way he looks says
"ivan ellam oru periya manishan"