Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Solar energy

Solar energy is one of the leading and the best renewable energy. For our day-today life we need lot of energy in various forms i.e. petrol, diesel, gas, etc. They are non-renewable energy. In India Sun shines during 9 months. So we can easily use Solar energy for our uses. But its cost is high. It costs Rs.18 crores for 1 MW unit. For Big Industries, Hotel can invest for this much amount for Solar Energy system. This will solve the State's power problem.

The good news is "Sathyabama Enggineering College" has installed "Solar System". They installed it in the Men's Hostel. They use this energy for cooking their lunch for 30,000 students who are studying in the College. So their monthly Gas usage has come down. They are researching for how to store this energy and use it for their morning and supper food preparations.

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