Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Usain Bolt runs fourth fastest 200m in history

Usain Bolt ran the fourth fastest 200m in history despite of very tough conditions.It was very windy and heavy rain had lashed Lausanne,but nothing stopped the 22 year old Jamaican Usain Bolt.Bolt was very happy for his success,but he said that he is not yet ready and there are some technical aspects that he needs to work on.

The record time in which Bolt completed the race was 19.59sec.Under such winding conditions this is a great achievement and he looks to set the World Championships event in Berlin on fire.This event starts next month and he is hoping to peak in that event.

Usain Bolt feels that he still has to improve a few notches if he has thoughts of becoming the No1 and he has stiff competition from Tyson Gay who has clocked a better tin ethan Usian Bolt.

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