Friday, February 19, 2010

Tips to use Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Hi friends in this post I am going to give some tips for the new users of Microsoft word. In Microsoft office:-word, excel, power point, access etc. are available. Here we will see how we can use Microsoft word. If you want to type a letter or any document, you can simple type the matter in the new document. Those who know typing, it is very easy for them. The same key board is available in the computes also. Here it is very easy for you to make corrections. If you type a word wrongly, you will see the screen red underlining. By placing the cursor on the particular word then right click the mouse, you will see the correct spelling and you can choose word and place the cursor on the particular word and then click it you will see the correct word in the document. After finishing the work you can save the document by naming it in a separate folder. When you want to see the document again you can go to the particular document and open it and you see the matter and also you can make changes by adding or deleting some part in it and again you can save it in another name also.

In the Microsoft word, there are many facilities available like you can choose different font styles; font size, different font colors, check grammar, auto correct facility and you can also do calculations in the formula tool bar. There is a facility to add pictures, word art, etc. If you want to know the meaning of a particular word you can simple place the cursor on the particular word, then press (Shift +F7) you will see the meaning of the word.

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