Friday, March 5, 2010

Parks, Gardens and Zoos in Arkansas, US

Riverfront Park, Arkansas
War Memorial Park, one of the Little Rock’s oldest and most popular parks, contains a public golf course, tennis courts, a football stadium, and the baseball park of the minor league Arkansas Travelers. It also has a fitness center open to the public and a zoo is also their.

Riverfront Park edges both sides of the Arkansas River. on the Little Rock side it lies behind the Old State House and Convention Center with playgrounds, a history pavilion and an amphitheater. The site of the future Bill Clinton Presidential Library is east of 1-30 adjacent to the park. In North Little Rock, across the river from Riverfront park, the ALLTEL Arena is an 18000 capacity arena, home of the River Blades minor league hockey team and the Arkansas Twisters, an indoor football team as well as the site of many other sports and entertainment events. The Little Rock Zoo has gorillas, a big cat exhibit, a rare black rhino, a red panda exhibit, giant anteaters and many other species.

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