Sunday, June 20, 2010

Angelina Jolie's Salt releasing World Wide

Angelina Jolie Salt

The film Salt as Angelina Jolie has th lead and she plays the role of a CIA agent to perfection. Evelyn Salt is the name of Angelina Jolie in this movie and she is suspected to be the Russian spy. She proves everyone who she is and what are real identity is and saves the President of US.

Angelina Jolie's Salt

This role was initially offered to Tom Cruise but since he is busy in his other projects he was not able to do this role and he felt that his role in this movie would be similar to his Mission Impossible. Angelina Jolie has done some extraordinary stunts and she got injured also during performing one daring stunt.The movie is expected to release World Wide very soon and the movie is also expected to release in regional languages.

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