Friday, June 4, 2010

Symptoms of Heart attack

Symptoms of Heart attack
You must have thorough knowledge about some common Symptoms of Heart attack / ailments. It is necessary to be rightly informed to the Doctor rather than panic at in slightest chest pain or discomfort if you feel. In case you have a family history of heart problems it becomes important to be alert about symptoms.

If you feel pain in the chest when angry or while climbing stairs then it is a genuine cause for concern.

It is also a matter of concern if the pain occurs in the centre of the chest.
If the pain starts from anywhere between the neck and the upper abdomen, do not neglect it.

Some times the pain can travel down to the arms and in some cases to the left or the lower jaw. This pain can be associated with the heart.

If the pain starts from the finger tips of your left hand and move towards the elbow and further upward it can be a sing of angina. It requires immediate medical attention.

If you feel a peculiar kind of sensation in your entire body accompanied by sweating even in winters and also have feeling of collapsing, it can be a symptom of heart attack.

For men who have crossed 25 with a waist line of more than 36” and women who has crossed 35 with a waistline of over 32” they are prone to heart attack or ailment.

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