Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White House

White House photo
Everybody knows that the official residence of the President of the US is the White House. It is situated at Washington D.C. and it was built during the period from 1792 – 1800. The foundation stone for White House was laid on 13th October, 1792. The White House was designed by James Hoban. The White House has two storied basement and totally six storied building. This complex has Executive Residence, Cabinet Hall, West and East Wing, Roosevelt Room and the executive offices of the President and V.P. of US are located at Old Executive Office building.

Earlier the building was referred as President’s Mansion, President’s Palace and President’s House. To cover the burn damage of the building, the white paint was applied and after that the building was named as “White House” and the evidence of people calling it as White House was in the year 1811. In the year 2007, the building was ranked as second in the list of American Institute of Architects as “America’s Favorite Architecture.

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