Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alton Towers, U.K.

Alton Towers, U.K.
UK’s one of the main tourist attraction places is Alton Towers. It attracts millions of tourists every year to UK. This Alton Towers theme Park is situated in the attractive, wonderful ground near Stoke on Trent at West Midlands. Here you can find many rides, varieties of roller coasters, Water Park, aerial cable car ride and wonderful gardens which suits for people of all ages.
roller coaster
In Alton Towers, you can enjoy the Nemesis (Europe’s first roller coaster), Cork Screw and Rita and Oblivion (World’s first vertical drop roller coaster) and many other roller coasters. Your children will enjoy the rides such as The Charlie and Chocolate Factory ride, etc. You can row with your family in the lake and walk in the beautiful gardens.

The Alton Towers Park opens during March to November and the ticket price is as follows: Children in the age group of 4 to 11 £27, Adults £36, Disabled persons ticket rice is £ 14.50. Children below the age group of 3 year are admitted free of cost.

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