Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hagia Sophia, Turkey tourism

Hagia Sophia, Turkey tourism
Hagia Sophia is one of the World’s most complicated buildings. Its huge interior designs, high raised dome attract many tourists. The inside portions feature mosaics, marble columns and holly paintings and inscriptions of Islamic writings on the dome. For sure one cannot miss the paintings design on the wall with mixture of sand and lime water. This construction is called as Hagia Sophia. This Church is considered as a brilliant earmark in Christianity. This church was opened as a cathedral in the 6th century and been for over 900 years. The Turkish Republic was found in 1934 and prior to this and in the 15th century Mahmet II captured the city and converted the Church in to a Mosque adding a tall tower to it with fountains.

The Grand 16th century palace belonging to Sultan’s Grand Vizier, Ibrahim Pasa is having Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. This museum is known for its designs and decorations with historical values. The ancient carpet and rugs are considered World’s prestigious collections ever done.

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