Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hotel Everest View – Nepal – World’s Highest Hotel

Hotel Everest View – Nepal
Hotel Everest View, Nepal is World’s Highest Hotel which is 12,730 ft. (approximately 3,880 meters) above sea level, situated near the village of Khumjung. This hotel was listed in the Guinness Book of World of Records as World’s Highest Altitude Hotel. In this hotel, all room are large, airy, and comfortable and you can watch the beautiful view of Mt.Everest through the glass door provided in the room. This hotel was functioning from 1973. You can reach the Hotel’s airstrip from Kathmandu and the duration of flight journey is fifty minutes. From the airstrip to hotel you can go by walk or by charter helicopter. It will take one hour walk and first few hundred feet was rocky and steep.

The staff, cook and other members working in the hotel are Shepas from the villages situated nearby. They are Tibetan origin and they can guide you and give important information and explore the maze houses, temples and other important monuments. In the hotel, they are operating trekking company and they provide guides, tents, porters, sleeping bags etc.

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