Thursday, September 2, 2010

All about Electronic Cigarette

Hi friend, are you worried about your husband’s habit of smoking. Here is new and good news for you. The electronic cigarette is the solution to your problem. The e-cigarette smells and looks like usual cigarette. You can rightly recommend it to your husband to use this electronic cigarette because it does not have any harmful effects to him. Whenever he feels to use cigarette, he can use these e-cigarette instead of the hazardous cigars. These e-cigarettes are called smokeless Delite and come with five cigarettes in a pack and each cigarette contains the following such as rechargeable battery and a cartridge with nicotine, propylene Glycol and water.

The money you spend for these Electronic cigarettes is very minimum compared to the money you spend for traditional cigarettes. The smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarette’s comes in four flavors. They offer Life Time Warranty and the biggest thing that impress me about this product is they provide money back offer if you are not satisfied with the product.


Unknown said...

May know the cost of this and where it sold in bangalore

maddy said...

where its available & wats the cost of the E-Cigarette

maddy said...

where can we get this E-Cigarette & wat will be the cost of it.