Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Helix Bridge, Singapore

The Helix Bridge, Singapore photo
The Helix Bridge, Singapore is the World’s first “double-helix” structure and World’s First Curved Bridge and it was opened 24th April, 2010. The Helix Bridge, Singapore is linking Marina Center and Marina Bay and the link way’s length is 280 meter. An International Consortium consisting of Singapore Architects and Australian architects designed this beautiful Bridge. It is the believed that this unique bridge will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to Singapore.

Tourists enjoy in watching the Singapore skyline and other important programmes taking place in the Marine Bay. During night the lights fitted in the Bridge gives a beautiful look and the drawings and paintings gives a pleasant feeling. You can also rest in the seats provided in the resting points. So, don’t miss to visit this engineering wonder (The Helix Bridge, Singapore) which is situated in the heart of Singapore.

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