Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play virtual Nano car game in Zapak site

Zapak is a very famous site where you more than million games.Their motto is very simple they say you think of a game we have it.If you have any doubts in the games you can contact them in this email address the games are absolutely free.The games here are of to types of categories.

1) Online gaming 2) Free games which can be downloaded.

The games are very simple but fascinating and more than 5 million users play these games in daily basis.


The Nano car game is a huge hit of game is very simple and the rules are very clear that player as to reach a destination within a specified time.People are going crazy about this game and more than 2.5 million people play this game.The features that are bst i you can select th color of the Nano car and with still Nano car to delivered in o the market people play this to get th virtual feel of Nano cars.


arun said...

I have tried playing this game.IT gives a virtual feeling of driving a Nano car.Worth a try

ashwin said...

Very nice post.But I have not yet tried playing this game.Is it worth playing this game or it is just the hype created by Nano car.